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Our Services

We offer 24-hour residential support that empowers individuals to develop, maintain, or enhance their self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills, enabling them to thrive in both their homes and the community. Our dedicated team ensures adherence to prescribed medications and promptly addresses any injuries or illnesses. We cater to their social, emotional, and physical needs and offer reliable transportation for personal errands and services.

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Community-Base Adult Group Home

Potters Group Home Llc is a community-based adult group home devoted to empowering individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their unique goals. We are deeply committed to fostering independence, dignity, and self-respect.

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24-Hour Residential Support

At Potters Group Home Llc, our professionals provide round-the-clock residential support, ensuring that individuals can develop, maintain, or enhance their self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills for successful living both at home and in the community.

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Developmental Community

Our homes are specifically designed and organized to cater to the needs of the developmental community. We are dedicated to offering holistic and personalized care to each resident while nurturing their inner strength and unique qualities.

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Safe & Nurturing Environment

Potters Group Home Llc is committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for individuals with developmental disabilities. Through close collaboration with our residents, we strive to help them achieve their aspirations and become more self-sufficient.